A solemn statement about Altium Designer (Protel)


On April 21, 2022, our company received a notification letter from “聚物腾云物联网(上海)有限公司”, who questioned our illegal use of Altium Designer (Protel).

After careful verification and investigation, our company found no such situation. The use of Altium Designer (Protel) software does not exist at all in our workflow.

Based on this, our company solemnly declares as follows:

1. The illegal use of the software by our internal employees will be prohibited, otherwise the legal consequences will be borne by the user.

2. Our company will strengthen daily inspections and resolutely prevent such phenomena from happening.

3. For any individual or company that infringes our reputation and intellectual property rights, our company will strictly protect it through laws.

4. For any individual or company suspected of extortion or fraudulent promotion of Altium Designer (Protel) products, our company will report and cooperate with the industrial and commercial department, market supervision department, etc. The company will work hard to maintain a healthy environment and order in the market.



Mrs. Cathy